Baxter Park Wilderness Fund

The Baxter Park Wilderness Fund was established in 2007 through a gift by an anonymous donor to the State of Maine. The Fund provides unrestricted financial support for Baxter State Park. A copy of the Fund’s governing document is available here. For the official Website for Baxter State Park, look here. For information on a supporting organization, the Friends of Baxter State Park, look here.

The Wilderness Fund is owned by the State of Maine. It exists solely to support Baxter State Park, but is managed independently of the Park. The Fund's primary objective is to make cash disbursements to the Park over the long term that grow to more or less keep pace with inflation. The disbursements will be determined by the Fund's overseers and may change from time to time depending upon the Fund's investment returns, the rate of inflation, the Park's needs, and the amount of contributions from the public".

Gifts to the Fund

The Fund is overseen by three Commissioners who are appointed by the Governor to serve staggered three-year terms. The current Commissioners are:

Irvin C. Caverly (East Corinth) — term expiring in 2020;
James P. Garland (Columbus, Ohio) — term expiring in 2019;
John F. Loyd (Harpswell) — term expiring in 2021.

The Commissioners manage the Fund’s assets and determine the amounts to be disbursed to the Park. The Commissioners file reports with the Governor and with the State Treasurer twice a year, and meet with them annually.

The Fund accepts contributions from the public. Instructions for making contributions are available here.

For further information about the Fund, or for assistance in making a contribution, please contact:

John F. Loyd
Baxter Park Wilderness Fund
P. O. Box 9
Brunswick, ME 04011
telephone: (207) 729-1144