Baxter Park Wilderness Fund


The Baxter Park Wilderness Fund is a state entity. All contributions should be made to the “State of Maine, for the benefit of the Baxter Park Wilderness Fund” or — more simply — to the “Baxter Park Wilderness Fund.”

Gifts to state governments often qualify as deductible contributions for Federal income tax purposes. Please contact your tax advisor for more information.

The Wilderness Fund acts like an endowment fund for the benefit of Baxter State Park. Oversimplifying the situation slightly, the income generated by your contribution will be distributed to the Park, but the contribution itself will become part of the Wilderness Fund’s investment capital.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept credit card contributions, but we gladly accept checks and gifts of appreciated securities.

Contributions of cash: please make the check payable to the “Baxter Park Wilderness Fund” and mail it to:

Baxter Park Wilderness Fund
P. O. Box 9
Brunswick, ME 04011

Contributions of securities: please call the office of Commissioner John F. Loyd at (207) 729-1144 for instructions regarding mailing securities or transferring them electronically via a brokerage firm or bank.

Baxter Park has long had a policy of refusing conditional gifts — for example, ones for specific projects or just for certain areas of the Park. In this same spirit, the Commissioners of the Wilderness Fund will also refuse conditional gifts, except possibly in unusual circumstances.

If you have questions please call.